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Mission Statement: We are passionate about building positive, long-term relationships with our clients by providing skillful wellness services and having knowledgeable staff. We achieve this by providing an extraordinary client experience, and delivering excellent customer service in a relaxing environment..

Felicia attended International School of Skin and Nail Care in Atlanta, Georgia where she received her Nail Technician License in 1996. She has a litany of accomplishments and experiences from various disciplines and fields.  Working both in Corporate America and having her own Natural Nail Care Business, Felicia realized that the Beauty and Health Industry is where she wanted to focus and devote her time on a full-time basis.   Over the years she has attended business seminars and continuing education classes to specialize in Natural Nail care, Reflexology, & Nutrition.  

While she is an excellent Nail Technician, her main concern/specialty is promoting and maintaining  healthy hands and feet. Her professionalism causes her to stand out as a leading Nail Technician in the Atlanta area.  Felicia believes that with "TLC", proper nutrients and products, being good to yourself is not an option but a lifestyle must.

Drexele graduated from Western Carolina University in 1996, and the Academy of Somatic Healing Arts in Norcross, Georgia where he received his Clinical Massage training and certification in 2002. Several months later, he earned the distinguished entitlement  as Nationally and Board Certified Therapueutic Massage and Body Worker, the highest credential one can receive in the therapeutic massage industry. A professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association, he continues sharpening his skills through continued educational training in relevant, state of the art therapeutic subjects. 

He also has broad based experience in various disciplines and fields.  Working both in Corporate America  over the last 20 years as an engineer, Drexele's passion for helping others by way of delivering  pain and stress  management rapidly shifted and became his primary focal point.Forr the last 10 years, he has attended many business seminars and continued education workshops specializing in Clinical Massage, QiGong, Thai Yoga, Guided Meditation, Reflexology, & Nutrition.  

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